About us


Inspired by the beauty of the Catania Region and indeed the very Sicilian spirit itself, the Catania range of eyewear and accessories combines contemporary materials and fabrication techniques with traditional and simple aesthetics.

Presenting bespoke models in a diverse range of colours Catania Occhiali ® provide a collection suiting all tastes and requirements. From children's specialist ski sunglasses with polarised lenses to ladies bespoke fashion with the latest seasonal trends, we at Catania Occhiali ® aim to offer high quality and affordable eyewear for all.

Our primary collections are aimed at the vibrant womens fashion market and they benefit from the most advanced fabrication and branding processes. As a minimum our sunglasses are CE approved and conform to ANSI Z80.3 General Purpose UV Protection standards and European Directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with standard Pr EN 1836.1997. In addition to this we offer polarised and prescription lenses on many of our models and collections. Our sunglasses meet rigorous breakage tests and they all have shatter proof lenses as standard.

The simplicity and beauty of our sunglasses is a key attribute that we reflect in our branding. The Catania ® branding visible on our sunglasses will be on the upper aspect of the lense and / or on the temples of the frame.

With our premium collection made by a renowned Italian fabricator our 'Made in Italy' Collection boasts the finest materials, beautiful aesthetics and impeccable quality, as associated with Italian made eyewear.